What to Expect

Roof replacement can be a daunting process, especially to first-timers. When you sign on with Bone Dry Roofing, here are some of the things you can expect, and steps you can take to help the work crew complete the process as quickly and easily as possible.

Material Delivery and Storage


All materials will be delivered to your home or business 1-2 days before the project begins.
A trailer or garbage container may be necessary in order to remove debris from the existing roof and may be required to stay parked at your home or business for the duration of the project.
Inform your representative of any specific concerns or instructions regarding delivery prior to the project start date.

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Prior to Project Commencement


A trained expert will speak with you and inform you of any concerns or potential problems that may arise during the roofing process. He or she will also be able to answer any potential questions you may have.
The representative assigned to your project will check with foreman to ensure that the installation list is correct and that all your concerns have been addressed.
Before work begins, please open a bundle of shingles to ensure that the color matches your order and expectations.

During Roof Replacement


The work crew will require access to driveways, yards, and decks, as well as a 120v power supply and designated roof point of access. Workers may also need access to the garage or attic, but will not enter without your permission.
Expect high levels of noise and vibration throughout the home or business.
Variables like moldy or damaged wood and unavoidable or pre-existing gutter damage are hard to predict, so the representative will be in contact to inform you of any changes in price or scope of work due to outside variables.
Cleanups, including equipment removal and debris disposal, will be performed daily. However, while a magnetic roller will be used to pick up metal debris, some nails buried in grass or shrubbery may remain.
Weather concerns may force delays.
Your representative will be able to keep you up-to-date as the situation develops.
Your representative will inform you of any additional work by an outside professional, such as an electrician, that may need to be done.

How You Can Help


Inform neighbors prior to the beginning of the project that there will be excess traffic and noise around your home during work days. Inform your representative of any concerns regarding neighbor relations, as well as any additional parties that should be notified.
Contact your cable or satellite provider at least two weeks prior to start date in case your satellite dish needs to be realigned or relocated.
Remove all fragile or easily-breakable objects from the walls, ceilings, cabinets, and outdoor working area.
Ensure that the driveway is free of cars or other potential obstacles during the installation period.
Cover furniture and drapes to prevent damage from dust and debris.
Take down outdoor hanging items such as plants, pictures, or wind chimes that might fall down during work, as well as patio furniture, gardening equipment, and grills that could get damaged by falling debris.
Inform the representative of any specific landscaping areas that you would like protected, such as flower beds or other arrangements, so that the team can know to take care not to disturb them.
Cover any objects in the garage that you don’t want damaged by debris, especially if the garage is not sheet-rocked.
Make sure all gates are unlocked so as not to inhibit the team’s access to the outside of the house.
Remove pets from the premises, or secure them away from the work area. Keep small children away from the work area.
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