Attractive Alternatives to Slate Roofing


In a recent blog post, we covered the history and benefits of slate roofing. If you love the look of slate but have found yourself in search of an alternative, we have excellent news to share. The Bone Dry Roofing team works closely with several leading manufacturers who have a history of unsurpassed quality. We understand that superior craftsmanship and expert installation make for a beautiful finished project. As much as we love slate, we know that it’s not right for everyone. That is why our team is well-versed in the pros and cons of various roofing materials, ensuring we find you the perfect fit. Whether slate doesn’t suit your budget or there are structural limitations at play, we have several alternatives that we think you’ll love.


The Bone Dry Roofing team is experienced in a wide range of specialty roofing, from slate alternatives to tile, copper to concrete and more. Explore our services and get in touch with us; we are always happy to help.


Ludowici Slate Tile
One of our clay tile manufacturers, Ludowici, has been in business for more than 130 years, and offers a durable terra cotta clay tile with the look of slate. You can rely on this product for “all the beauty of natural slate with the enhanced durability and longevity of terra cotta.” They are lightweight and carry a 75-year warranty. As always, Ludowici has taken great care with the smallest details, adding a pressed quarried texture for a realistic touch. Other benefits worth noting: these are noncombustible and Grade 1 ASTM certified (less than 2% water absorption). The process they use to fire their tiles protects against fading and discoloration, meaning your tiles will keep their color over the long-term.

Boral Classic Slate
Boral makes Inspire Roofing Products, where you’ll find their Classic Slate products. These lightweight tiles are tough and environmentally conscious. They are rated Class 4 for hail, able to handle winds up to 110 MPH and complete with a 50-year limited lifetime warranty. There are a range of colors to choose from, such as Brunswick, Gray-Black Blend, Nottingham, Red Rock and more. As you would expect, these are made to look authentic, with a “controlled uniformity that epitomizes natural slate roofing.”

Tejas Borja BorjaEXTREM and BorjaTECH
In 1899, Tejas Borja was founded in Alicante, Spain. With a history that spans five generations, the passion for roof tiles remains. Sourced from Mediterranean quarries, their superb materials make for a stunning finished product. Two roof tile products worth noting are their BorjaEXTREM and BorjaTECH. BorjaEXTREM  FLAT-5XL® tiles are large (“the largest ceramic roof tile ever made”). A reddot award winner in 2019, these come in a range of finishes and boast a less than 3 percent water absorption. Their BorjaTECH FLAT-10 Tech tiles are “a new generation of flat tiles now lighter and with greater definition” (ideal for sloping roofs). The clay is more compact with “very low absorption.”

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